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Ultrasound Beauty Stimulator

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SkinTech’s Ultrasound Beauty Stimulator is an effective tool for your skincare routine. Ultrasound technology is well accepted and used in physical therapy and geriatric circles by treating musculoskeletal ailments. Additionally, it has reached widespread acceptance as a method for stimulating wound repair in patients with poorly healing skin wounds. Research with ultrasound has demonstrated its ability to stimulate fibroblast (“baby” collagen cell) activity, increase local circulation, and increase the wound rate repair. By creating micron-sized bubbles of blood, lymphatic, and tissue fluids, ultrasound-induced cavitations may influence cellular membrane permeability and cellular calcium uptake. Additionally, ultrasound is capable of delivering products through the skin through a process known as phonophoresis. Research has also concluded using ultrasound over your skincare products increases the efficacy of that product by 11 times. Imagine getting better results from your products! You can get the power of ultrasound technology from SkinTech, Hawaii, USA with the BeautySonic Ultrasound Beauty Stimulator.

Prior to your first use, charge your Ultrasound Beauty Stimulator for a full 24 hours. After applying your skincare products, turn your Ultrasound Beauty Stimulator on medium. Simply place the stimulator on your skin over your products and use upward strokes until your products are completely absorbed (usually this takes just a few minutes).

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