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Hydrating Toner

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One important part of your skincare regimen is an effective, non-alcohol pH balanced skin toner. SkinTech in Honolulu, Hawaii uses the most effective ingredients in nature to create Hydrating Toner, the best skin toner available right here in Hawaii. No matter what your skin type, you'll enjoy this alcohol-free Hydrating Toner, which hydrates and restores the skin's pH level. A wonderfully refreshing and aromatic scent that includes a blend of essential oils enhances the experience from this effective, moisturizing toner. 

Client use:

After cleansing, apply SkinTech Hydrating Toner with a cotton pad to remove residue from cleansers, makeup, or hard water. This effective toner leaves your skin pH balanced and ready for serums and protective treatments.

Main ingredients:

Lavender oil - anti-septic, anti-biotic properties

Ylang Ylang oil – softens and hydrates

Cedar bark - balances and restores

Tea tree oil – anti-septic, anti-fungal, healing

Lemongrass oil – anti-septic, healing, good for oily acne skin

Green tea – anti-inflammatory, helps prevent and reduce sun damage

Chamomile – soothing

Yeast extract - (phyto hyaluronic acid) stimulating and activating effect on cell metabolism by means of an increased production of ATP (the energy of the cell), wound healing, hydrating

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