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Gentle Grapefruit Cleanser

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Size: 8 oz
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SkinTech’s Gentle Grapefruit Cleanser is the perfect non-stripping cleanser for normal, oily, and combination skin types. You’ll enjoy this gentle yet effective foaming cleanser, which cleanses deeply and removes excess oil without over-stripping. 

Client use:

Wet your hands and face, then use gentle circular motions to massage a small amount of Gentle Grapefruit Cleanser onto your face. Rinse off and follow with toner and the rest of your skin care regime.

Main ingredients:

Aloe Vera - rejuvenating, healing, softening

Allantoin - moisturizing and keratolytic

Ascophyllum nodosum – form of algae, detoxifier,anti-inflammatory, a trace mineral that acts as a building block of enzymnes that maintain the proper skin function.

naturally - occurring, organic iodine

Grapefruit - balances oily skin and regulates the production of sebum

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