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Enlighten Brightening Pads

Product Code:Enlighten Brightening Pads
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Size: 60 pads
  • $89.00

Product Description:

Enlighten pads are thin pads that help to brighten and even skin tone.  Mixed in house to keep the botanical ingredients active.  Product expires 60 days from the day of mixing.  They also help to guard against free radical damage and sooth the skin.  Can be mixed with hydroquinone.


Client use:

Use nightly after toner.


Main ingredients:

Kojic Acid -  2%,  inhibits melanin production, it effectively helps to balance skin tones, fading dark spots and freckles caused by sun exposure, aging, and cutaneous  hyperpigmentation. Corrector

Arbutin -  It is a natural brightening and lightening skin agent that addresses hyperpigmentation. It inhibits the body’s production of tyrosinase. Natural skin lightener that turns into hydroquinone in the skin. corrector

Bearberry -  From an evergreen plant with red berries which act as an antioxidant. It is a natural alternative to hydroquinone and is generally safe for all skin types. bearberry extract is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial. corrector

Ferulic Acid - Anti-oxidant which neutralizes free radicals and helps to prevent damage to cells caused by  UV light. Helps Vitamin C get better results. inhibitor

Silymarin  - Derived from milk thistle, this plant-based anti-oxidant reduces inflammation and helps regenerate the skin

Ascorbic Acid -  Vitamin C, inhibitor

Curcumoids – Derived from turmeric, reduces inflammation and is anti-oxidant

Green Tea Polyphenols – The active ingredient in green tea.  Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial


Price - $89   Size – 60 pads

If hydroquinone added - $35/2%

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