Enlighten Eye Contour Illuminator

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Product Description:

Enlighten is an eye serum that addresses the two main causes of dark circles in the eye area. It targets an accumulation of melanin and dilated blood vessels that cause a visibly dark appearance. Recommended for daily use to brighten the area around the eye.

Client use:

Use twice daily under eyes.

Main ingredients:

Haloxyl® - a combination of active ingredients able to absorb and eliminate colored blood pigments in the skin that are responsible for dark circles under the eyes. It also has been found to have an anti-irritant effect and may reinforce firmness and tone of the eye area.

Shadownyl™ - an exclusive extract from a certified organic algae, reduces both dark circles and fine lines and helps to eliminate heme (red pigment of blood) due to blood leakage, which is responsible for dark circles and local inflammation. In only 1 week, provides a significant anti-wrinkle effect, and Within 2 weeks, lightens and reduces the appearance of dark circles. It is a water-soluble liquid.Softens and protects skin, preserves lipidic balance. Following 8 weeks of use 81% of the women could see an improvement in the appearance of the skin around their eyes.

Liftiss® –an extract from the baobab tree that is moisturizing, firming and has an immediate smoothing effect. In a clinical study more than 60% of volunteers felt an improvement in cutaneous aspect. 67% of volunteers felt an immediate lifting effect.

Tego Cistus® - Created from polyphenols from the pink rock rose. It is an active ingredient which protects skin cell DNA from damage caused by environmental stress, such as UV light and pollution. The results are comparable to treatment with high levels of vitamin C and E derivatives.

Biophytex™ - Anti-inflammatory properties and  boosts microcirculation to improve evenness of skin tone. Rich in saponosides and flavonoids, this protects the blood capillaries, reinforces their strength and has an overall skin soothing, calming effect.  After 4 weeks of treatment dark circles were reduced by over 64%

Unisooth EG-28 -  It is a natural complex with an immediate soothing effect to reduce signs of skin irritation and dark circles under the eyes

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