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Enlighten Travel/Trial Kit

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Product Description: 

SkinTech’s Enlighten line is now available in a skincare kit for traveling, so you can enjoy all the benefits of these exceptional brightening skincare formulas on the go. Enlighten products are perfect for those who need effective acne scar skincare due to its effective scar lifting ability. Enlighten brightening skincare formulas even out your skin tone to give you the best results in a skincare product for dark spots and other uneven pigmentation issues. The Enlighten Kit is perfect for traveling or as a trial sized sample of the entire line of these effective, natural skincare products. 

The kit includes: 

Enlighten Cleanser, 1 oz 
Enlighten Toner, 1 oz 
Enlighten Azelaic Booster, .25 oz 
Enlighten Cream, .50 oz

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