Sunscreen Snafu’s – Common Places We Miss!

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It’s no secret that our weather can dip down and get cold here in Honolulu. No matter the temperature, you really want to pay attention to the UV level. UV rays are even stronger on overcast days, so don’t let the cooler weather fool you into thinking you can skip the sunscreen. Sunscreen is vital to your skin in all weather.

Before you head out the door, you may remember to lather up those popular areas – the face, arms, shoulders, and legs – but do you remember those easy to miss places? How safe are you really from those UV rays? Despite our best intentions, we frequently overlook those most sensitive areas which could lead to skin cancer from cellular damage cause by our good ol’ sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Here’s the body parts that people most commonly miss on a regular basis:

  • Lips: Skin cancers of the lip are seen highest in fair-skinned men aged 50+. Did you know that the lower lip is 12 times more likely to be affected than the upper lip? Be sure to keep plenty of lip balm that contains SPF at home, in your purse, in the car, and your beach bag. Don’t forget to reapply after eating and drinking.
  • Scalp: Whether your head is covered with a full head of hair, or you seem to be lacking in that area as of late – don’t forget that the top of your head is as susceptible to sunburn as anywhere else on your body. Wear a hat or apply a layer of sunscreen coverage that actually touches the skin.
  • Eyelids: No one wants a raccoon mask but let’s face it, eyelids are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Protect your eyelids by wearing a quality pair of sunglasses that block 100% of UVA & UVB rays. You can also use a moisturizer that contains at least 15 SPF as well.
  • Ears: No kidding! A 2007 study from the Skin Cancer Foundation concluded that the ears are the third most frequent location for skin cancer! Don’t forget to cover those ears, especially when you will be out in the sun for a good portion of the day.
  • Tops of Feet: Slather all parts of your feet before spending a day in the sun. The rays are directly exposed to the top of your feet and you never know when you’ll be changing shoes, slipping into some sandals, or letting your feet go au natural for a bit in the sun. Nothing is more painful than a sunburn on parts or the whole top of your foot!

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