Optimize your Beauty Routine with BeautySonic

March 8, 2017


In most cases, it’s important to supplement your salon treatments with skin care at home, particularly for those who are not able to access a salon regularly. The products recommended by your esthetician can be enhanced with our BeautySonic home skincare device. Its action helps the product penetrate deeper into the skin – by up … Continue reading “Optimize your Beauty Routine with BeautySonic”

Tips for Naturally Health Skin

February 23, 2017

woman touching her neck

We are all guilty of letting life get the best of us sometimes and getting slack on our skin care routines, our diet, exercise and even sleep! As we come into spring, now’s a great time to get back on track and take better care of your health and your skin in the process. Here’s … Continue reading “Tips for Naturally Health Skin”

Do I Need a Toner or Astringent?

December 28, 2016

face of beautiful woman

Many clients ask, “what does a toner or astringent do, and do I need one”? Let’s take a moment to understand what a toner does and why add one to your daily skin care routine. If used with a cotton ball, a toner insures that your skin is clean. It removes any residue from your … Continue reading “Do I Need a Toner or Astringent?”

The Truth about Preservatives and Packaging

November 28, 2016


You may be wondering about our products, preservatives and packaging. As a matter of fact, it’s good to know what you are putting on and in our bodies. Our product’s safety must be verified before it leaves our lab. We have no control over its safety or stability after that product is opened. Therefore, we … Continue reading “The Truth about Preservatives and Packaging”

Tips for Cancer Prevention & Sunscreen

November 12, 2016

Beauty Girl Applying Sun Tan Cream on her Face. Sun Tanning

I’m not going to lie to you … this is my pet peeve (well actually I have more than one, but more on that later). I have too many clients to list that say, “I don’t go out so I don’t need a sunscreen.” First, if you’re one of my clients you probably live in … Continue reading “Tips for Cancer Prevention & Sunscreen”

Eye Health ~ Jeepers! Take Care Of Your Peepers!

November 1, 2016

Beauty female eye with curl long false eyelashes - macro shot over white background

You know that you need to take care of your skin, and you know that you need to pay attention to your hair, too. But most of us forget that we need to also care for the overall good health of our eyes. Getting a regular eye exam is important, but there are also things … Continue reading “Eye Health ~ Jeepers! Take Care Of Your Peepers!”

Start with a Clean Slate for Great Skin

October 21, 2016

Beautiful Young Woman with Clean Fresh Skin close up . Skin care face .  Cosmetology

Great skin doesn’t just come from a magic wand or good genes. It comes from a healthy lifestyle and a good skin care routine, and every good skin care routine begins with a solid cleansing plan. It’s more than a splash and go – cleansing your skin properly will help you maintain the moisture your … Continue reading “Start with a Clean Slate for Great Skin”

Need to Switch to Organic Beauty Products

October 17, 2016

Organic Beauty Products

Just like you choose to nourish your body with organic foods, your skin also deserves the best care with natural beauty products. More women are becoming painfully aware of the unusual amounts of toxicity and scary chemicals in non-organic products. However, from women who only need some mascara and lip gloss to those who love … Continue reading “Need to Switch to Organic Beauty Products”

Introducing 20% OFF on all Skin Teck Beauty Products

October 14, 2016

20% Off on Beauty Products

Truth be told, we all long for that silky smooth, well-toned, flawless skin that seems even more elusive as we grow older. The kind of skin-tone that only top models in fashion glamour magazines and celebrities seem to sport. But thanks to the advancement of cosmetic technology, an even skin tone is no longer a … Continue reading “Introducing 20% OFF on all Skin Teck Beauty Products”