Nature and Science: The Perfect Combination for Anti-Aging Skincare

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We’ve discussed before how even younger people can benefit when using anti-aging skincare products. Today, we’ll talk about how important it is to choose those products wisely, ensuring that everything you use on your skin is formulated from natural ingredients.

Natural ingredients are certainly not new. People have been using plants for centuries to optimize health, both by eating them and by using their oils and extracts to heal. Modern science, however, has helped us identify the specific properties of some plants that help skin rejuvenate and reverse the visible signs of aging. Here are a couple of amazing examples:

Adansonia Digitata, also known as the baobab tree, is native to the African continent. Sometimes called the “upside down” tree, its branches look like roots that are pointed in the wrong direction. Though it looks somewhat odd, it is an amazing and very useful plant. Parts of this unusual tree contain considerable amounts of vitamins C and A, protein, and calcium, and its pulp contains very high amounts of hydrophilic and lipophilic antioxidants. When used topically, its pulp firms and moisturizes the skin, reducing wrinkles immediately (within 15 minutes of application) and leaving your skin silky smooth.

Argatensy is an extract from the fruit of argan trees, which only grow south of Morocco in the Argan Forest – in only a 3100-square foot area. The trees live for 200 years and have thorny, knarled, wide-spreading branches. Its fruit takes over a year to mature, and its extract contains a unique natural protein mixture. When applied to the skin, the extract immediately tightens up the fine lines of crow’s feet. After four weeks of use, skin is smoother and has fewer visible wrinkles.

While baobab and argan trees are somewhat exotic, even plants that are very familiar to us can have amazing anti-aging benefits. For example, avocado oil contains a variety of beneficial vitamins and minerals. It helps your skin prevent evaporation to retain hydration, which is vital for keeping your skin moisturized, supple, and younger looking.

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