The Importance of Clean Skin

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In any skincare routine, cleansing is always the first step. We know that it feels good to be clean, but just how important is regular cleansing to healthy skin, and how often should we cleanse? Here are some answers that will help you stick to a regular skincare routine:

Our skin has natural processes for regeneration that occur every day. During these processes, dead skin cells are pushed to the surface as new skin cells replace them. Your face is always exposed to the environment, so over the course of each day, your skin collects dirt and other pollutants on its surface.

Knowing this, it is easy to see why a nightly skincare routine is important to remove not only the day’s makeup but also the dead skin cells and pollutants that have built up throughout the day.

But there’s more: overnight, your skin works to repair and regenerate itself, and oxygen is a crucial part of this process. Without washing off the day’s makeup and pollutants, your skin is deprived of this oxygen and is unable to effectively repair itself. Studies have shown that these overnight processes are essential for your skin’s ability to fight those visible signs of aging.

In addition, the anti-aging serums and creams that you apply at night will work much better on clean skin, which allows the serums to penetrate into the pores. Without removing makeup and the day’s pollutants, pores are clogged and unable to receive infusions of antioxidants and other important nutrients. Clogged pores can even become larger and more visible over time.

Finally, your skin’s temperature rises at night, making it more susceptible to drying, and good hydration is one of the most essential elements of younger-looking skin. Therefore, applying a moisturizer before bed is crucial, and cleansing before applying moisturizer allows it to penetrate and work properly.

It’s easy to see why a nightly cleansing and skincare routine is important. But what about the morning? Well, these overnight processes play a role here, too. As your skin rejuvenates overnight, it is left with a layer of dead skin and oils. Splashing your face with water only removes 65% of this debris, so cleansing every morning before your makeup application is also very important.

So there you have it. A good skincare routine should be done twice a day, and cleansing is the first step in the most effective routine! Always choose a cleanser that is formulated for your skin type and condition, and follow up your cleansing with a toner, moisturizer, and beneficial serums and scrubs that exfoliate and infuse vital nutrients into your clean skin.

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