Get Happy And Be Healthy

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Morning Yoga Meditation by the Beach

If nothing else, November is the month when we think about food…a lot. What we eat and how we eat it are both huge parts of our family histories as well as our cultures, and we tend to make memories around the meals we eat and share with others. There’s no doubt that food plays an important part in our lives, but it can also be an important part of our outlook and emotional well-being too.

With so many different diets out there, it’s easy to lose track of the important parts of meal planning for health. Eating seasonally and as locally as possible are the keys to making the most of your food dollars. Fresh, local foods will be healthiest. They won’t have traveled far, and they won’t have spent weeks and months in storage. These will maximize their nutritional content, and they’ll taste the best too.

Even though it may seem easy to grab a box or a bag of pre-prepared food, you’ll feel better when you eat what you make yourself. You’ll be able to choose healthy fats and avoid excess sodium and other chemicals that are added to increase shelf life. Olive oil is always a good option with its wealth of antioxidants and Vitamin E. Your skin will thank you for choosing it, too! And you won’t miss all of that salt when you choose instead to use tons of fresh herbs for added flavor and better health.

But maybe most important of all, choose to make meal times an important part of your day. Being thoughtful about what and how you cook is only part of the puzzle. Savoring your meal, and the people with whom you may choose to share it, will let you build more of those warm memories and help foster a better perspective on life in general.

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