Choosing the Right Facial Cleanser

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The beautiful young girl with a clean fresh skin touches with a hand a cheek

Your cleanser is one of the most important products in your daily skincare routine. Cleansers remove more than just dirt – they take off makeup, remove dead skin cells, and wash away environmental pollutants, all of which can clog your pores and dull your skin. Choosing the right cleanser is crucial, and here are a few tips to help make your decision easier:

First, determine your skin type. Your skin may be oily, dry, normal, or a combination, and you may have sensitive skin as well. Take a look at your skin shortly after washing. If it looks shiny or greasy, you probably have oily skin. If you can no longer see your pores, you may have dry skin. Combination skin shows both of these characteristics on different parts of your face.

Sensitive skin may feel itchy or tight, and is prone to allergic reactions. It’s particularly important to select the right product if you have sensitive skin. Look for natural products that are free of added chemicals and fragrances.

If you have oily skin, look for oil-free products with a low pH that will help balance your skin. You may also want to add an exfoliating scrub for a deep cleanse, but don’t overdo it – ask a professional skincare consultant about how frequently you should exfoliate.

For dry skin, moisturizing is a priority. Choose alcohol-free products to prevent dryness, and select a moisturizing cleanser that is not too oily.

Combination skin needs a mild, multi-purpose cleanser that doesn’t over-strip the dry areas, and most any cleanser will work for normal skin.

If the cleanser you select leaves your face feeling dry and tight, try another. Your facial wash should leave your skin feeling comfortable and balanced. A professional skincare consultant can be your best partner for choosing products that work for your individual skincare needs.

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