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About Us

As president and owner of Helen’s Haven Integrative Medical Spa, for over 25 years, Helen has introduced a number of new services and products in Honolulu, HI, where she is located. Helen’s Haven was the first certified MediEsthetic Specialists in Hawaii. They were the first skin clinic/spa/salon in Honolulu to offer Microdermabrasion, LED treatments, HydraDerm, MIcro-current for the face and body.

As an owner of a medical spa, Helen knows that not everyone has access to a spa facility. Even if you have monthly facials, daily home care cannot be replaced or ignored. It would be similar to not brushing your teeth and yet going to the dentist for a cleaning every six months. Home care is a critical part of your skin care regimen.

Since starting in the skin care industry in her 20s, now in her 50s, her personal need for effective prejuvenation, prevention and correction of skin damage and diseases is a priority. As a result, SkinTech was born!

Created by Helen Rapoza, SkinTech, LLC is the result of her personal journey and education in the field of esthetics. Selling hope in a bottle is not an option for today’s educated clientele. Ingredients are ever evolving, increasing in efficacy.  SkinTech, LLC is a cosmeceutical line that has high concentrations of biologically active ingredients. 

Our commitment:


     To communicate with you.  we will reply to your questions.

     To help you customize and personalize your skin care according to your needs

     To research best ingredients that address prejuvenation, prevention, and correction