Toner: An Important Part of Your Skincare Routine

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Toner is usually the second step in a good daily skincare routine. Sometimes, it’s tempting to take shortcuts and avoid all the steps. Today we’ll talk about why you should always include your facial toner in daily skincare.

After washing, your skin feels clean but can still have traces of dirt and dead skin left behind. Toners remove this dirt, as well as any residue left from your facial wash, so that your other products can work more efficiently.

Toners remove environmental chemicals like smog to detox your skin each night.

Toners balance the pH of your skin. A proper acidic balance makes skin less likely to generate excess oil and less prone to infection, which is particularly important when acne is an issue.

Hydration is crucial for your skin, and hydrating toners add another layer of moisture. This is particularly important in the summer, when the sun’s heat dries out your skin. Never use an alcohol-based toner, which can remove your skin’s natural moisture and lead to more oil production while drying out the surface layer.

Finally, toner prepares your skin so that all the products in your skincare routine, including anti-aging serums and moisturizers, penetrate and work more effectively.

For best results, use a toner that is formulated to your skin type and that complements the other products in your skincare regimen.

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