Tips for Naturally Health Skin

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We are all guilty of letting life get the best of us sometimes and getting slack on our skin care routines, our diet, exercise and even sleep! As we come into spring, now’s a great time to get back on track and take better care of your health and your skin in the process. Here’s some tips that will help bring out a healthier you and help your feel more energetic and younger too.

Nana wasn’t kidding when she said, “you are what you eat.” When we forego our healthy eating habits, it can literally show in our skin and across our face. Try to choose foods that are low in both salt and sugar. Collagen in your skin, the great stuff that keeps it toned and tight, can be damaged by too much sugar in your diet. And salt dries out anything is touches. Skipping meals can be just as bad for your skin so be sure to replenish your body with a constant supply of nutrients. Vitamin A (carrots and sweet potatoes), B3 (legumes & nuts), Vitamin C (citrus fruit), and E (avocados) all help to postpone that dreadful aging and to stave off dehydration. Of course, a good amount of water each day will keep your properly hydrated as well.

If you’re like the majority of us, you’re probably not getting the proper amount of sleep each night. Sleep is vital for good health, including the health of your skin. If your body is craving sleep, chances are you need a few more hours each night. However, don’t fall asleep in your makeup as it will cause clogged pores and can cause bacterial infections.

It is so important to make time in your day for at least a little bit of exercise. Exercise increases circulation thru your body, which means your skin will get a good dose of oxygen as well. Perspiration can be uncomfortable but it’s actually a very important part of the exercise process.  Perspiration removes toxins and dead skin cells from your body. Probably the most important reason to exercise is that it naturally removes stress. When left untreated, stress can have a huge impact on your overall health and can make your skin appear aged, dull, and can cause unnecessary rashes and breakouts.

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