Tips for Cancer Prevention & Sunscreen

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Beauty Girl Applying Sun Tan Cream on her Face. Sun Tanning

I’m not going to lie to you … this is my pet peeve (well actually I have more than one, but more on that later).

I have too many clients to list that say, “I don’t go out so I don’t need a sunscreen.” First, if you’re one of my clients you probably live in Hawaii!  How do you avoid the sun in Hawaii? Driving, walking to and from your car, grocery shopping, the sun coming in your living room windows …  Ok, you get the idea.

No matter your level of activity, you’ll still get a fair amount of UV exposure. Do you work in an office?  Have you noticed that the paintings on the walls are faded?  Have you noticed that the paint has faded, especially when you move a wall covering? That is due to UV exposure. UV is not only from sun exposure, but light exposure such as the florescent lighting in your office.

Two types of UV light exist.  UVB – the burning rays. These cause sunburns. UVB affects the epidermis layer and can quickly cause damage to the skin’s surface. UVA – the aging rays. Because UVA is capable of penetrating deeper into the skin, it affects the dermis layer and causes photo-aging. Its effects are long term. Exposure to UVA light can build with time. Unlike UVB, UVA rays are constant throughout the day and both UVA and UVB can cause skin cancer.

Many of the skin cancers I see and refer out to a dermatologist are in the early stages and can be removed and treated with tremendous success. However, if you have known someone with melanoma, this becomes a much more serious issue. It’s important to use sunscreen at an early age to help decrease the chances of melanoma.

That is why this is an important issue for me.  My nephew was diagnosed with malignant melanoma at 21 yrs old. It was on the top of his ear.  He had to have his ear partially cut off and lymph nodes removed. He went through treatment for a year. Thankfully, he is now cancer free!

Is it really worth risking your health to not take the few minutes to put on a high-quality sunscreen? Put your sunscreen on yourself and your kids. Please remember the top of the ears and back of the neck.

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