As Time Goes By: Skincare Tips for Every Age

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Pretty woman applying cream on face

Like everything in life, your skin has needs that change as you grow older. The skincare system you use in your 20’s will change by the time you reach your 50’s, and the products you use will have different ingredients that reflect your current needs. Here are some suggestions for skincare during your different life stages:

The perfect time to develop good lifelong skincare habits is in your 20’s. At this age, acne breakouts have slowed for many, and your skin is already beginning to change. Skin cell regeneration begins to slow at this age, so exfoliating becomes important. Use a full skincare regimen at bedtime each night, and be sure to include moisturizer to prevent premature aging. Always use sunscreen and try to quit unhealthy habits like smoking, which can age your skin quickly. If you still have breakouts, address the issue to reduce scarring later. Focus on good habits and regular routines!

In your 30’s, skin cell renewal has slowed more significantly, and some signs of aging – like tiny lines – may begin to appear. The fight against aging is in full swing, and your skincare regimen should begin to include anti-aging treatments and products, as well as vitamins A, C, D, and E, which can help protect your skin from the environment. Continue to keep up a regular skincare routine – just add more anti-aging components.

Many people wait until their 40’s to begin an anti-aging regimen, which by then is a necessity. As skin ages, the priority is preventing the loss of collagen and elastin, those two important proteins that are the building blocks of younger-looking skin. Continue to use vitamins to fight the aging process, and speak with a professional skincare consultant for recommendations about your specific needs. Ask about products, treatments, and vitamin/diet therapy specific to your skin type and anti-aging needs. Your nightly skincare regimen is even more important than ever, so stick with it!

In your 50’s and beyond, be sure to rethink some of the products that worked great in your younger years, but may not be effective today. Cleansers with moisturizers are now a must, and you will probably need serums with ingredients like peptides and retinol to help firm up your skin. Again, a consultation with a professional skincare technician can be invaluable – everyone’s skin is unique!

At every age, a healthy diet, exercise, and stress reduction are crucial, since your skin tends to reflect your overall health. Take care of your whole body and your skin will glow at any age.

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