Optimize your Beauty Routine with BeautySonic

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In most cases, it’s important to supplement your salon treatments with skin care at home, particularly for those who are not able to access a salon regularly.

The products recommended by your esthetician can be enhanced with our BeautySonic home skincare device. Its action helps the product penetrate deeper into the skin – by up to four inches deep – assisting with the skin’s natural metabolism and regeneration abilities. This helps skincare products like cellulite creams and muscle relaxers work more efficiently to produce more effective results.

The BeautySonic has three speed settings as well as a timer that will shut off the device after ten minutes. These features help ensure that you are able to use the speed most comfortable for you, and that no skin damage will result from prolonged treatments. These safety features are important for home treatments where a professional, licensed esthetician is unable to directly supervise the procedure.

As with all of the products at Skin Tech, the BeautySonic was developed by Helen Rapoza to help all women revitalize their skin and create a heathy, youthful glow. All of our products were born through Helen’s journey to create the most effective anti-aging skin care system available.

Try the BeautySonic home beauty device today at Skin Tech. Our products are available online, or at our store at 4819 Kilauea Ave, #6 in Honolulu. We’re here with great advice and instruction as well as the best products available today.