Do I Need a Toner or Astringent?

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Many clients ask, “what does a toner or astringent do, and do I need one”? Let’s take a moment to understand what a toner does and why add one to your daily skin care routine.

If used with a cotton ball, a toner insures that your skin is clean. It removes any residue from your cleanser or makeup. Whether you use a cotton ball or a spray applicator, a toner helps your skin to retain its pH balance. Skin is naturally acidic and a normal pH is 5.5. Cleansers are usually alkaline, leaving your skin unbalanced. If your skin feels dry after cleansing, a toner will help restore hydration. Many concerns I hear are from those clients who think they have oily skin. However, their cleanser is actually stripping their skin. If the skin is left dry or stripped, its natural defenses will take over and the oil glands will produce more oil to counteract the dryness.

Another benefit to using a toner to leave your skin pH balanced is a balanced skin will absorb the rest of your products better. A toner will allow you to have better benefits from other products used after.

An astringent does much of the same as a toner. Astringents usually have more oil absorbing ingredients. They are not about hydrating the skin but about balancing the oil productions. Many astringents will have “pore minimizing” on the label. In my opinion that is a concern. How a product minimizes pores is by temporarily constricting the skin, thereby reducing the appearance of larger pores. Oily skin will tend to have larger pores. We can do peels and other services to help reduce the damage to the skin. A skin that is in good condition will show less damage and less pore size.

Choose a toner if your skin is normal to dry. A toner has a humectant ingredient that helps retain water in your skin.

Choose an astringent if your skin is more on the oily side. An astringent has oil absorbing properties, and many have anti-bacterial properties.

Either product you choose will leave you balanced and improve your results from your skin care products.

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