Need to Switch to Organic Beauty Products

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Organic Beauty Products

Just like you choose to nourish your body with organic foods, your skin also deserves the best care with natural beauty products. More women are becoming painfully aware of the unusual amounts of toxicity and scary chemicals in non-organic products. However, from women who only need some mascara and lip gloss to those who love to get artsy with makeup, most ladies are in no hurry to ditch the non-organic products. In recent years, the organic and natural skincare industry has grown substantially. If you haven’t joined the growing organic beauty products movement yet, here are a few golden reasons why you should.


They Don’t Contain Synthetic Fragrances


You may ask: What’s wrong with fragrances? Don’t you want a beauty product that helps you smell good? Well, we all want to smell good. But, the word “fragrance” on a beauty product label may be made up of just about anything — including hundreds of toxic and dangerous chemicals. Considered a trade secret, the Food and Drug Administration does not require beauty companies to reveal the ingredients in their fragrances. These synthetic fragrances expose the body to many effects including cancer, allergies, and system disorders. Organic beauty products eliminate this concern. These products create their lovely scent using natural fragrances.


Better and Gentler on Your Skin


Although they may be temporarily effective in improving your appearance, the chemicals in non-organic products are very harsh on your skin and may promote sensitive reactions. There are very few regulations on what can go into the conventional beauty products. A non-organic product does not have just one or two chemicals in it — it has hundreds. However, by using organic beauty products, you never have to worry about the hundreds of harmful chemicals. The ingredients in organic products are nutrient-rich and as the saying goes: If you can’t eat it, don’t wear it.




It’s quite easy to forget about the environmental impact of beauty products. With the growing number of eco-conscious beauties, these questions must be asked: Is the product packaging recyclable? What ingredients were used in the product? What happens when the chemicals go down the drain? Vast tracts of the most beautiful and sensitive land are destroyed every year during extensive mining of substances which are used in non-organic beauty products. However, by using clean natural beauty products, you help promote a healthier planet. Although you are just one person, every contribution to positively sustain the environment matters.