Introducing 20% OFF on all Skin Teck Beauty Products

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20% Off on Beauty Products

Truth be told, we all long for that silky smooth, well-toned, flawless skin that seems even more elusive as we grow older. The kind of skin-tone that only top models in fashion glamour magazines and celebrities seem to sport. But thanks to the advancement of cosmetic technology, an even skin tone is no longer a reserve for rich and famous. If anything, you only need a little of the following to transform your skin from being dry and flaky to smooth and supple.


1. An Organic Cleanser



Unlike your regular bar/bath soap, a cleanser washes off the grime, sweat and previous-day makeup off your face without having to strip it off its natural oils. The result is a clean, fresh and rejuvenated feeling on your skin which doesn’t become excessively oily afterwards. An organic cleanser is simply one beauty condiment you will never miss in the bathroom of anyone who takes their health and state of their skin seriously.


2. A Non-Alcohol Toner



If you have are struggling with an oily, dehydrated skin, then you might want to try on a toner and ditch that conventional facial cream or rub. A good toner is not only designed to leave your skin clean but also at the optimum PH levels to guarantee a smooth, even and gorgeous complexion.


3. Sunscreen



The golden rule of using sunscreen effectively is to remember to put it on every day – not just when you are going outdoors. If anything, you still apply it even when you will be working indoors in the office all day. And considering the rising pervasiveness of skin cancers over the past few years, you have one more reason to shop more bottles of sunscreen.


That said, the good news about all this is that all the above products ( plus many more ) are easily available from our Skin Tech store. What’s more, now you don’t have to break the bank to look glamorous! All our specialized beauty products are currently on 20% OFF. But this won’t last forever! Hurry and make a killing while the deal still stands!